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Hello, and welcome to Frankie Jo’s Storyland! I’m excited you found me here and I hope you’re ready to sit back, read some decent fiction, and then engage!

Frankie Jo’s Storyland is a weekly newsletter where I share what I’m writing, ask for input, and then provide you a bit about the scene that was shared. I’m passionate about writing, but not because I need to tell the world stories. Well, yes. That. But also because of all the other million reasons why I love being an author.


I get to be curious about everything. I will ask some random question, dig for answers, find a dozen more questions and a dozen more answers, and then be inspired to share what I learned. But because people find learning boring, I discovered that sharing through story telling works amazingly well!

People Collecting

That sounds like something a serial killer would say, but this is something I do every single day! I people watch and I collect them. I’ll go up to random people who caught my attention and just start talking to them, gathering their story, studying their body language and what their appearance tells me might be their backstory.


Growing up in an abusive home, I discovered a love of psychology. I’m already good at studying people and reading them, but the more I learn about how people interact and why, the more I’m intrigued. People are like onions that never stop.


The biggest thing I love, however, is that I never have to stop pretending. This literally is my job. My pretend is where I do my best project management, project projections, issue management, personnel review, and more. It’s not just about telling stories, but sometimes when something doesn’t happen in real life the way I wanted, I’ll sometimes write the scene and pretend how it could have gone if either of us had just…

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Dream Lord Wars Chapter 1 includes my discussion of intuition and how it’s used in Dreamland. I also discuss some of the studies around intuition and what can cause a person’s ability to discern things around them increases with stress.

Thank you!

I write better when I can talk to my readers, so I make sure that what I give has value. I don’t want to just throw stuff out there that means nothing. I want you to wake up excited for the next chapter and the next great discussion.

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