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An electrifying dystopian urban fantasy that plunges readers into a shattered America reeling from the ongoing Para Wars. In a world where no hero can claim purity, four unlikely saviors emerge from the chaos to claim their destiny, not as the heroes they desired to be, but as the villains they must become to save their crumbling city.

Meet Victoria Armstrong, a devoted assistant to the mayor, whose life is upended by personal betrayal and a terminal diagnosis that threatens the love of her life. As the façade of leadership crumbles, Victoria's fury becomes the catalyst for rebellion and change. Enter Dannika Love, a former military pilot ostracized from a life of service, who finds a new mission under Victoria's command. Her daring plans could save the city, but at what cost to its soul?

Meanwhile, Vance Young, a detective stifled by bureaucracy and apathy, ventures beyond the precinct’s boundaries to tackle the cases forgotten in the chaos. And there’s Pearl, a passionate advocate for the paras, determined to carve out a sanctuary for those persecuted in a world that fears them.

As these four forge their paths through a city on the brink, they each face a harrowing truth: sometimes the world isn’t waiting for a hero—it’s waiting for a villain. "Without Villains" is a gripping tale of power, sacrifice, and redemption, urging readers to discover what kind of hero—or villain—they would become when all seems lost. Dive into this visceral narrative where the battle for survival blurs the lines between right and wrong, and where every choice could be the spark that either saves or scorches an entire nation.

Ongoing Book (paid access only)

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Ongoing Book (paid access only)

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